Goal Setting & Productivity Coaching

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This coaching explores the vision you have  for your life, helps set goals which fit into the bigger picture, explores and decide which goals are most meaningful (or exciting!) to move forwards with, looks at goal ecology, obstacles, success boosters and begin to take action. When people have a vision for their lives it makes everything easier, from goal setting, prioritizing actions and day-to-day activities to making tough decisions. In addition, when your goals align with the vision you have for your life – and what’s most important to you – you’re more motivated.

Topics for this course

19 Lessons


Benefits of the Course

Section 1: Your Vision for Your life

Section 2: Picking Goals to Move Forwards with

Section 3: Goal Ecology & Motivation

Section 4: Nailing Down and Making SMART Goals

Section 5: The Process of Setting 3 Specific Annual Goals – from start through to an action to take tomorrow!

Section 6: Crucial Time Management Concepts!

Section 7: Get Focused & Motivated!

Section 8: Removing Obstacles to Effectiveness

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