See how Dynamic Resource Solutions Ltd. (DRSL) help you to succeed plus it’s free to join

*Hassle-free recruiting – We take away all the hassles of running a recruiting business such as finding new clients, following up for payment and more. You focus on what you love… matching the right candidates to the right positions.

* Make more money – You can start referring qualified candidates immediately. No need to wait for companies to approve you as a vendor.

*Be your own boss – As a recruiter with DRSL, you’ve got flexibility to recruit whenever you have time. You have the freedom to set your own schedule and focus on recruiting for positions that you like.

*User friendly platform – We understand recruiting and its nuances. We have built our state-of-the-art recruiting platform keeping you in mind and to help you be more productive.

Recruiters earn 10% placement fee per successful hire.


  1. If you are an independent recruiter, then working with DRSL is easy and rewarding.
  • How it works: DRSL has job requisitions from employers. Recruiters can fill these jobs and earn a placement fee for each successful hire. Recruiters need to register for free on our website, review jobs, source and submit candidates on our platform.
  1. Our clients (employers) hire candidates submitted by recruiters. If a candidate you have submitted into our platform is hired, you will receive a 10% placement fee. Contact us or call (587) 719-1977 to learn about placement fee processing.
  1. You will be paid 60 days following the date your candidate starts working for the client. In rare cases, it might take 90 days, but recruiters will be notified.
  2. We will directly deposit your placement fee electronically in an account of your choice following the guarantee period and the date your candidate starts working. We will issue you a T4A at the end of the year.
  3. If you are a registered company, we need you to provide the following:
    • The name of the legal entity to be paid.
    • The applicable BN, SIN number and Bank details.
  1. Clients pay DRSL after hiring a new employee. DRSL does not collect fees from recruiters.
  2. DRSL pays independent recruiters the full amount of the fee, which is displayed next to each job requisition, after the candidate is hired.
  • DRSL’s agreement with clients (employers) ensures that you will get paid if the client (employer) hires your candidate for another role within 180 days from the date of submission.
  1. We typically provide a 30-day replacement guarantee to clients (employers). The guarantee period may vary for certain employers.
  2. If our client believes an employee found by Recruiters on DRSL is not the best fit during the guarantee period, and the candidate’s employment is terminated, DRSL may replace that candidate at the client’s discretion, and we would then ask you to find a replacement.
  3. Payment is subject to the candidate completing the guarantee period. If a candidate leaves before the guarantee period is over and a replacement candidate has not been identified, neither you nor DRSL will receive the placement fee.
Employers want to see candidates that they don’t already have in their database. Candidates who directly applied to a job posted by a client (employer) outside of DRSL’s portal in the preceding 180 days “belong” to the employer and not to the recruiter. If the employer hires a candidate whom they already were in contact with (in the past 180 days), neither you nor DRSL will receive credit for this referral, and the employer doesn’t owe a placement fee.
You “own” your candidates for 180 days (or approximately 6 months) for a specific job. So, if you submit a candidate to one of our clients, and that client hires your candidate within the next 180 days, you will be eligible for a referral reward.
Recruiters are independent contractors and not employees of DRSL. You may even want to avoid mentioning DRSL as we are merely a facilitator in the hiring process between you and the client.
We strive to review resumes as quickly as possible. Our typical feedback window is 3-5 business days.
If you have specific questions for a client (employer), then please get in touch with DRSL HR consultant who works closely with the client’s hiring team.
You can continue to work with your client directly. DRSL’s Term of Use prohibits recruiters from developing new business through DRSL Parties, attempting to violate this policy you will be immediately removed from the portal and subject to legal recourse.
It depends on our clients’ preference. Whether or not you can post a job on job boards is indicated in the on job posting. However, you can never disclose salary details or the name of DRSL’s client when advertising jobs on job boards or your website.

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